Agutaynen - English


si-siknyantokRattan vines which grow in the forest.The vines can be made into furniture or large baskets, or split to make strips used for tying up bundles, or for tying nipa palm shingles on to a roof frame.rel wdalot 1koay1
sisilang daid. ofsilangFigurative expression meaning the future (e.g. graduation, a good job, lots of money, etc.) is in sight (lit. transparent, easily seen through).
sising1<Not Sure>1.1nRing worn on a finger.1.2vi., vtTo wear a ring.Aba! Panisinga ra, sigoro gintrisena ra.Oh! You are wearing a ring, maybe someone is already interested in you.Ninopa siang agsisingen mo?Whose ring is that that you are wearing? 2vi., vt2.1nBelt loops on pants.
sisingannA type of medium-sized black fish. (It has a yellow band around the base of the tail which looks like a ring, sising. They live in the coral reef and are caught with spear guns.)
sisinggat tang mata<Not Sure>
sisino raexprTo think highly of oneself; to think you are "really someone".Ang pabetang na ong sadili na magang sisino ra tanandia.His opinion of himself is that he is really someone.
si-sipvi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo cut or hack short weeds, vines in slash-and-burn farming.Mani-sip ami ra rin mandian ang Pebrero.We will cut down short vines and weeds this February.Si-sipen ta kay lagi tang mga ibabawen ba-lo sirokon.We'll hack down the weeds first before we burn them.rel wdliritali-sip 1siri-sipender.n
sistivtGoal: -anbiroTo tease someone; to single someone out, i.e. to pick on them, call on them.Pirmio lamang agsistian mo ang aggoyan ang magkanta.I'm always being singled out by you calling on me to sing.ov synintirimis 1pilik 1rel wdtobaytoyok 1
sitsīt1<Not Sure>1.1nPhysical pain.Ang sīt tang gatenek ta babaloan sobra pa ong sīt tang gaigadan.The pain of being stuck with the fin of the babaloan fish is worse than the pain of a cut.Maski gapoyato pa indi makomit tang sīt tang kolō. Even if I'm sleeping, my headache (lit. pain of my head) doesn't go away.Materet da tang sit tang sian na tenged alenget dang mangana.The labor pains in her stomach are now very acute because she is about to give birth.1.2adjPainful; for something to hurt or to be sore.Masīt tang kakayong naigadan ta botilia.My foot that I cut on a bottle hurts. Kasītsītan ang pisan tang siano!My stomach is really hurting badly! 1.3viFor a body part to throb or ache, causing the person pain; to have a headache, stomachache, etc.Pirming pagsīt tang tōdo, sigoro may riomao ra.My knee is always aching, maybe I already have arthritis.Agsītan tang isi na animan pagini-yak.Her tooth is hurting her, that is why she is crying.Aroy, sinītano tang siano talabi.Oh, my stomach really caused me pain last night.Indi nagadal tang anao, pagsit tang kolo na.My child didn't go to school, he had a headache. 1.4vtFor something to cause a person pain or discomfort; for a woman to be in labor, to experience labor pains.Mga pamangan ita ta kamait ang ma-ten, sia pagpasit tang sian ta.When we eat hard ears of corn, that causes our stomachs to hurt. Mga may babay ang maboay dang pagpasit tang sian na mga mangana ra, ganing ka sia taben agsambagan da.If there is a woman who is in labor for a long time when it's time to give birth, it's said that perhaps she's cursed by evil spirits.1.5vtTo harm someone; to hurt or cause a person or animal pain; to cause something to be painful.Indi pasītan mo tang kiro, agod india kayawen na.Don't hurt the dog, so that it won't bark at you.Komiten mo kay tang tonay ong toldoko, piro indi pasīten mo.Please remove the thorn from my finger, but don't cause it to be painful. antsakit2vt2.1adjPainful emotionally; hurt feelings.Ang mga agbibitala na masīt ong talingao, indio galiag ang mamasi.What he's saying is painful to my ears, I don't want to listen.Masīt ong nemo tang binitala mo ong yen, tenged anda kay talako.What you said to me hurt my feelings (lit. was painful to my feelings), because I haven't done anything wrong.2.2viFor one's feelings to become hurt; to have one's feelings hurt by another person; to be offended.Balampa indi magsīt tang nem mo mga indio mapaning ong kasal mo.I hope your feelings won't be hurt if I am not able to go to your wedding.Nasītan tanandia ang binitalan mo tenged anda kay dailan.She was hurt when you scolded her because there was no reason for it.2.3vtTo intentionally hurt someone's feelings.Angay bato pirming agpasītan na tang nemo?Why do you suppose she is always intentionally hurting my feelings?
sitarvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enusisaTo investigate; to check up on someone; to detain someone for questioning.Dapat sitaren mo tang ana mo ang pagadal don ong Cuyo tenged sigi lamang tang toyon ta koarta, oman itaben indi ka pagderep ang pagadal.You should investigate your child who is studying there in the town of Cuyo because he's always asking for money to be sent, and actually he might not really be industrious in studying.Ang taw ang pagekel ta ged sinitar tang polis tenged gabaleng.The person carrying a machete was detained for questioning by the police because he was drunk.antsosiov synimbistigarosisatatap
si-tawviActor: magsi-taw si-tawFor a person to swish their feet or hands in water; to play in the water with one's hands.Dorong kaliag tang mola ang magsi-taw si-taw ong talsi.The child really enjoys swishing her feet in the ocean.Aroy mola! India ra kay magsi-taw si-taw atan ong planggana, dorong ilat ang wi.Oh child! Please don't play anymore there in the water in the washbasin, a lot of water is spilling out.
sitawnA type of long green bean. (This is the Tagalog word. The real Agutaynen word is lobay-lobay.)
sitionA small neighborhood under the jurisdiction of a barangay.rel wdbarangaybario
sitsitvtActor: mag- Goal: -anFor someone to make the sound 'pssst' at another person in order to get their attention.Ang mga lali ong logar amen, mga gaita ta babay agsitsitan ang lagi nira.The boys in our place, when they see a girl they immediately make the sound 'pssst' to get their attention.
si-wannShuttle for repairing a panti fishing net.Nalapik tang si-wan ang binletano ong nio asing pamobolo.The shuttle I borrowed from you broke when I was repairing the net.rel wdbobol
si-wat1viActor/Undergoer: -om-For something to stick up straight, or stick out at an angle, such as a tooth, bamboo slat in a floor, palm leaf shingle, etc.Ang isi na sisi-wat ong dibabaw.His tooth sticks out at an angle. antdapat2 1ov synsingkarat2vtUndergoer: ma-, -enFor something to be lifted up by the wind so that it stands straight up.Agkapiten nira ta bi-lak tang katep agod indi masi-wat tang mageyep.They are placing bamboo strips on the roof so it won't be lifted up by the wind.ov synto-yab3vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo pry something off or open; to flip a lid or lock off something.Ang talamban kaministiran ang togoban mo ta doroang nga lansangan agod indi kayang si-waten tang takawan.You need to insert two nails in the window so that the window can't be pried open by a thief.Aroy, ang terang agdapan ong lamisan sini-wat da tang kosi!Oh my, the viand that was covered up on the table, the cover has been flipped off by the cat!
siyetenumSeven. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)rel wdpito 1
soag11<Not Sure>1.1viFor things to be lying crosswise to each other, or in various positions.Linabalaba tang paray ta mapoirsang mageyep, animan namagsoag-soagan da.The rice stalks were bent over by the strong wind, that's why they are now lying down crosswise.2vi2.1vi., vtTo disagree; to dissent; to contradict; to be against, opposed to something; to have a different opinion.Agsosoag tanira ang mimbengo ong programa.They are opposed to me joining in the program.Ang mga mimbro tang asosasion indi namaginigoan ong pagarampangan nira tenged ang doma agsosoag. The members of the association didn't agree in their discussion because some of them are dissenting.Angay pirmiong agsoagen mo?Why are you always contradicting me?Pamagsoroagan tang mga taw ang mamagbolontad ong simban.The people are disagreeing about the giving of donations to the church.Pamansisoag tang pamilia na mga ang taw ang pagtaki-taki ay painemen ta wi.Her family is opposed to giving water to drink to a person with diarrhea.
soayvtActor: magig- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -en Referent: pag--an awayTo quarrel, argue; to fight; to pick, start a fight; the thing or topic being quarreled over.Pamagsoayan tang magkamalay tenged ong manong galipat.The neighbors are quarreling because of a missing chicken.Angay agsoayen mo tang logod mo?Why are you fighting with your brother?Onopay agpagsoayan mi?What are you fighting about? kasoay2der.nanttangay 1tangay 1.5soroayen1der.nAng mga mepet dapat indi magpalabet ong soroayen ta mamola.Adults should not get involved in the quarrel of children.
sobasta1nsubastaAuction; public sale of property.2vtUndergoer: -en, ipa-To auction something off.Ang mga nioy tang monisipio ay ipasobasta, mga sinopay intirisado paning lamang ong monisipio.The local government's coconuts will be auctioned off, if anyone is interested just go to the municipal office.
sobidvi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -anTo fish by trolling, using hooks attached to long lines which are dragged behind a boat; the fish caught by this method.Manobid ita mandian ang apon tenged kaliwag ta tera.We will go trolling this afternoon because we do not have any viand.Yading sinobidan tang namanobid tongapon ong Linabog.The ones who were out trolling yesterday near Linabog island caught a lot of fish.The fish caught by trolling include toringan and anday-anday.ov synpagoyod-goyod
soboviActor: ma-, mapa-To do something unintentionally or spontaneously, without a plan; to end up joining something without previous intentions.Anda ka rin ay plano ang mamakal ta sapatos, nasobō ra tenged masinlo.I didn't have a plan to buy shoes, I just did it because they were nice looking.Nabagat ta kasoay na tang logodo, asta yo napasobō. My brother happened to meet up with his enemy, and I also ended up joining in (i.e. in defending him).ov synpasipala2toyok 1rel wdenged2 1ton 1
sobok1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo attempt to do something; to try something out; try something on; to test something.Sobokan mong alsaen, mga madeg mong takanen.Try to lift it, see if you can carry it.Sobokan mong itōk naning lambongo mga magigo ong nio.Try on this dress of mine to see if it will fit you.2vt2.1vtTo be tried, tested, usually by God.Angay bato priming tanandiang agsobokan tang Dios?Why do you think she is always being tested by God.2.2nTrials, tests in one's life.Mga logod, ibilang ming poros kalipayan mga gapasaran mi tang sari-saring pagsobok ong kaboi mi.Brothers, count it all joy when you experience various trials in your lives.