Agutaynen - English


sobra1adjhigit; labis; sobraMore than enough; extra, a surplus; excess, excessive; extreme, extremely; "too much".Minagsak da tang balay amen ong sobrang palet.Our house collapsed due to the extremely strong wind.Ang kasopladan tang molang na ay sobra ra ong tanan!The naughtiness of this child is more than all of them!antminos 1ov synmasiado2vi., vtActor/Undergoer: mag-, -om- Goal: ma--an Undergoer: pa--anTo have too much of something; to unintentionally exceed a limit; to intentionally do something excessively, or exceed a limit.Mo-ya ra ka enged tang magsobra kaysa ong korangen.To have too much is far better than having too little.Ang tinoboy mong belat ong kaldiro ay siminobra ra ong taket na.The measure of rice you put in the cooking pot exceeded the pot's capacity.Ang okra, mga gasobran tang lāga, malanat-lanat.Okra, if it's boiled too long, becomes slimy.Ang sindolo ong niong belat, sia pinasobrano ka ta tang gantang.The rice I gave to you, I made it in excess of one gantang.antkorang 1minos 1ov synbastantinasobrader.adjOndion ta pa tang nasobrang pamangan?What will we do with the leftover food?
sobri1nsobreEnvelope.2vtUndergoer: i-, -enTo put or enclose something in an envelope.Dapat sobrien mo tang ipekel mong solat.You should enclose your letter in an envelope.
sobrikamanPython; boa constrictor.
sodontoroA young bull or young male goat.antsopangtirnida
sodsod1unspec. var. ofso-sod1
sodsod2unspec. var. ofso-sod2
sogadorder. ofsogalGambler.
sogal1nGambling, usually card games or dominoes, in which money bets are made.Pirapa tang deg mo ong sogal? How much did you win at gambling? 2npasogalanGambling; a place for gambling.Don ong polawan may pasogalan alos magdamal.At the wake there is gambling nearly all night long.3vi., vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -ansugalTo gamble, usually with cards; to gamble with one's life, put one's life at risk.Indi tanandia panginem ni magsogal indi matako.He neither drinks nor gambles, he doesn't even know how.Indi enged isogalo tang kaboio.I really will not gamble with my life.manigsogalder.sogadorder.n
sogatavtActor: -om- Undergoer: -ensalubongTo meet or welcome someone who is arriving.Ang tanan ang mga iskoila siminogata ong bisitang kiminabot.All of the school children went down to welcome the visitor who arrived.Sogataen mo kay tang ba-long kiminabot don ong pantalan.Please go meet the ones who have just arrived down there at the pier.ov synbagat 1
sogod1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo keep on going without delay; to insist on continuing a trip in spite of bad weather; to enter a place directly, without hesitation.Maski dorog kapoirsa tang koran, siminogod ami pa ka enged, animan poros ami lebay.Even though the rain was very strong, we still kept on going anyway, therefore we all got wet.Sinogod amen tang biahi maski mababael tang langeb.We insisted on continuing our journey even though the waves were big.Maski may kirong pangalat, indio inledan, sinogodo ka enged.Even though there was a dog that bites, I wasn't afraid, I entered directly anyway.2vi., vt2.1To rush to confront; challenge someone in anger; to trespass in another's house or yard; for soldiers to attack the enemy's camp, fortress, etc.Itaben sogodona nandia mga mabalita tang anday sayod ang inaning mo kontra ong nandia.Perhaps she will confront you if she hears the news about the bad things you said against her.Asing garamal da sinogod tang mga sondalo tang mga kalaban nirang mga ribildi.When it was early morning the soldiers attacked their rebel opponents.
soildo1nsoildo, soroildonsuweldoSalary; wage.Pira pa tang soildo mong binolan?How much is your monthly salary? Yo ra lamang tang manalod tang soroildon mo.I'll just be the one to go and collect your wage. antsalod 22vtActor: maN-, mag- Goal: -anTo collect or receive a salary; to pay a salary.Nagsoildo tang tisoriro mandian.The treasurer paid the salaries today.Pira rang taw tang nasoildoan mo?How many people did you pay a salary to?antsalod 1rel wdsol 1
soirtiunspec. var.masoirti1nsuwerte, kapalaranFate; good fortune; luck; destiny; one's lot in life.Anday soirtio, anday anao.I have no good fortune, I have no children.antbirtodov synbirtodsignos2adjmasoirtiLucky; fortunate; blessed.Masoirti amo, komplito amo pa ta ginikanan.You are fortunate, both your parents are still alive.Masoirti tang mga pamagsinti tenged lipayen tanira tang Dios.Blessed are those who grieve because they will be comforted by God.ov synmo-ya1 13vi., vtUndergoer: -en, ma- Goal: ma--anTo become lucky, have some luck at something; to find, come across something by chance or luck.Sinoirti aming nanilaw, dorong nakomit amen.We had luck fishing, we caught a lot.Napaning ami ong bokid para mangalap ta bayabas, nasoirtian amen poros lotok.We went to the fields to pick guavas, we luckily found them entirely ripe.antmalas 1ov syntsamba 1
soitoarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo restrain by catching and then caging or locking up; to keep a person, animal inside or tied up, not letting them run free.Soiton mo kay tang kiro mo tenged pangalat.Please restrain your dog because he bites.May li ong monisipio, ang tanan ang ayep dapat soiton. There's a municipal ordinance that all animals should be caught and tied or caged up.Soiton mo tang mga ana mo ong balay mga labi ra.Keep your kids in the house when it's already nighttime.ov synkolongpriso 1
sokatnsokat da, masokatan daThe completion of a cycle of time, for example one whole 24-hour period, one whole week, one whole year, etc.; an exact measure of time.Sokat dang tampolok ang takon ang indio gaolik ta Agutaya.It's been exactly ten years since I've was last able to go home to Agutaya.Mga masokatan da si Tatay ta nagpatakon, poidio rang magbaili.When it's already been one whole year since Father died, I'll be able to go dancing.Kaministiran ilbeng da tang patay tenged mga masokatan da, itaben somoray.The dead person needs to be buried now because when it has become 24 hours, fluids might start coming out of the body.
soko1viActor: -om-sukoTo surrender; to give up in a fight or game; to submit to someone's authority, discipline.Sobra rang talak mo, somokoa ra ong mga polis para indi madolangan tang kasalanan mo.You've already done so much wrong, surrender to the police so you won't add to your crimes.Ang ribildi siminoko ra ong mga polis, tenged "shoot to kill" da tanandia.The rebel has already surrendered to the police, because they were instructed to "shoot to kill" him.Ita, mga ana ita lamang, animan mga onopay kasalanan ta ong mga ginikanan ta, somoko ita ka enged ong nira.As for us, we are just children, therefore whatever our sin is to our parents, we should indeed submit to them (i.e. to their discipline).rel wdampo2 1taliod 12vtUndergoer: pa--onTo question a person in order to cause him to give in, surrender, and tell the truth, or to not repeat the offense again; to cause or force a person to surrender; to subdue a person.Ang mola ay pasokon mo mga moman pang manakaw obin indi ra.Question the boy as to whether he will steal again or not.rel wdsigam
sokol1vtUndergoer: i-To try something on to see if it fits, such as a clothing, shoes, eyeglasses.Isokol mo naning antiparao mga taket ong mata mo agod maitā ang magbasa.Try on these eyeglasses of mine to see if they suit your eyes so that you can see to read.Sinokolo tang sapatos mo, pagtaket ka ong yen.I tried on your shoes, they also fit me.rel wdsobok 12viActor: -om-For something to fit smoothly, snuggly into a hole or space.Dolangan mong logitan tang boloat tang kawayan mga indi pa somokol. Increase the amount shaved off the hole in the bamboo if the other piece still doesn't fit snuggly. rel wdigo2
solsōl1nsuholMoney or goods in kind for a wage.Ang sōl tang karpintiro mandian ay alawig da tenged māl da ka tang tanan.The wage of a carpenter these days is higher now because everything else is expensive too.This usually refers to casual workers, not those who are salaried.2npanōlThe way a wage is paid.Kinaldaw tang panōl tang pamagobra ong balay.The way the wage is paid of those working on the house is by the day.3vtActor: maN- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo pay a wage to workers; to be paid money or goods in kind for work done.Indi pa tanira gasōlan tenged ang tisoriro indi pa gakabot.They haven't been paid yet because the treasurer hasn't arrived yet.4vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--an To work for a wage, money or goods in kind; to receive a certain amount as a wage.Magpasōl ita ang mangayeg mandian para may ibakal ta ta tera.Let's work for a wage harvesting today so that we'll have money to buy viand with.Ang pinasōlano tama ka lamang, binayado ong otango.The amount I received as a wage was just enough, I used it to pay my debt.ov synsalod 1soildo 1
Solana yen ta korokoso.say. ofkorokosoI'll pay you with the leaves crushed here in my hand. (This is a teasing expression meaning you'll get nothing as wage.)
solapid1adjtirintasBraided; made with three sections or strands.antdandan2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ipa-tirintasTo twist or braid something using three strands.Solapiden mo kay patigayon tang boao.Please braid my hair using three sections.Ipasolapido rin tang boao ong nio.I'd like to have you braid my hair.antdandanov syntirintas
solarnbakuranEnclosed yard; the area belonging to the house.Ang wi nira ay ong teled tang solar nira.Their well is inside their yard.Sigoradong anda ray ma-led ong solar tang balay nira tenged may kirong pangalat.For sure no one will be able to enter the yard of their house anymore because there is a dog that bites.Anday domang ayong nabo-wan ong solar amen kondi tang papang lomboy.There are no other trees left in our yard except for just one Java plum tree.rel wdkodal 1palibot2
solat1nsulat, lihamLetter.Mga komabot tang solat na, ipabasa mo ong yen, patigayon.When her letter arrives, read it to me please.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -ansulat, lihamTo write something; to write a letter to someone.Nagsolato ong logodo piro indi pa gapaekelo.I've written to my sister but I haven't sent it yet.Aggisipeno pa tang sinolat na ong yen, ang onopa enged tang maliag nang yaning.I'm still thinking about what she wrote to me, what she really meant by it.Solatano kay si Manang ang molik tenged si Manong pagmasit.I'll write to Older Sister, informing her to come home because Older Brother is sick.Pagsolatan ami kang maglogod, animan indio ka agpongawen.We siblings write to each other, therefore I'm not lonely.3viActor: magsolat-solatTo pretend to write; to scribble.Sinopay nagsolat-solat tani ong ba-long mantil?Who scribbled here on the new tablecloth?ov synkorit 1kasolatan2der.npanolat2der.n
solbarvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enlutasTo solve a problem.Tabangay ka ong pagsolbar tang problimao natetenged ong anao ang indi pagderep ang pagadal.Please help me in solving my problem regarding my child who is not being industrious in his studies.rel wdayos 1midios
solinBreach delivery; a child who is born breach.Liniwagan tanandia asing pagpangana na ta soli. She had a difficult time when she was giving birth to a breach baby. Ang taw ang soli gatakong magilot ta taw ang gadoli.A person who was born breach knows how to massage the throat of a person that has a bone stuck in it.soli tang kalibotanid.exprMepeto ra, soli tang kalibotan mga katawaeno pa!I'm already old, the world is upside down if I will still get married!