Agutaynen - English


soli tang kalibotanid. ofsoliLiterally, "the world is breach", meaning upside down, inverted. (This is an expression which means that because an event is the very opposite of the norm, it must be impossible.)
solidap1nWoven coconut palm fronds.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo loosely weave coconut palm fronds together. (These can then be used for roofing, walling, or fencing, but are temporary and not as strong as paod which is made from the individual leaves themselves.)Magsolidapa kay ta tolong bilog, tenged si Maria agpa-dolan tang maistra na para ong kasilias nira ong iskoilan.Please weave together three coconut palm fronds, because Maria's teacher is asking her for them for their outhouse at the school.rel wdpaod 1
solignA type of fish, white with violet and yellow stripes. (It can be caught by hook and line close to the edge of the reef. They are larger than the le-yen fish.)rel wdle-yen
solong1<Not Sure>1.1viTo advance, move, or walk forwards; to leave, "take off".Ala, solong da! Go on, take off!1.2vtTo move a vehicle or boat forward; to advance, move up the date of something.Agpasolong da nira tang lantsa, sigoro magalin da.They are causing the launch to go forward, perhaps it's about to leave.Teta ang pista ong Diit ang pitsa pirming gasolong. Sometimes the date of the fiesta on Diit island is always moved up. antabanti 1atrasantabanti 2isol2vt2.1vi., vtFor soldiers to attack or advance against their enemy; for a man to go to another man's house and challenge him to a fight.Sinolong tang mga sondalo tang kasoay nira.The soldiers advanced against their enemy.Solongon mo tanandia ong balay nira para matelekan da mga sinopa tang maiteg ong nindio.Go there and challenge him at their house so we can see who is the strongest of you two.3vi., vt3.1viThe initial visitation of the boy's parents to the home of the girl's parents, to ask for her hand in marriage.Somolong ita ra! Magprisintar ita ra!Let's go to the girl's house! Let's present (i.e. our son to them)!Mga aliog da, ang mga pamansisolong pamagsalodo ba-lo paka-yaten.When it's time for the traditional wedding ceremony, the ones who are walking towards the house keep on bowing and dancing before they are invited up inside.
solpovtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-To put vegetables briefly into hot, boiling water; to parboil vegetables.Isolpo mo naning daon ta kamosi atan ong kakala-kalang wi.Put these cassava leaves briefly there into the boiling water.ov synlapo 1
solpotviActor: -om-To show up, appear without notice; to come into a house or gate without calling out a greeting first, or asking permission.Ang anao ang pagadal ong Puerto, bigla lamang sosolpot, indi pagpatako mga maglekat.My child who is studying in Puerto [Princesa City], he just suddenly shows up, he doesn't let anyone know he's coming home.Nakiboto pa, golpi ra lamang siminolpot tang taw ang asi tani ong teled tang kodal, indio ka mailala.I jumped, that person just suddenly came in here through the gate without calling out a greeting first, and I didn't recognize him.
solsolvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anmanunulsolTo stir people up; to convince with untruths; to influence negatively; to incite or provoke; to prod or "egg on" a person in order to get them to do something.Sinolsolan tanandia tang mga barkada, animan nagparet tanandia maski anday kamatodan.He was convinced with untruths by his friends, therefore he believed it even though there was no truth to it.Ang mola sinolsolan tang manong na ang mangomit tang koarta tang nanay nira.The boy was egged on by his older brother to take their mother's money.ov syndolo-dolotobol 1rel wdekel 1
soltirasndalagaYoung woman or teenage girl; single woman; virgin.Postora tang soltiras ang simina-lib nongayna.The young woman who passed by awhile ago is very beautiful.Poros soltiras tang mga Ihas ni Maria.The Children of Mary are all single women. rel wdsoltirossoltiras ang laonder.n
soltiras ang laonder. ofsoltirasOld maid; spinster.
soltirosnbinataYoung man or teenage boy; single man; bachelor.Abosador tang soltiros ang asia.That young man is troublesome.Poros soltiros tang mga pamangarkila ong balay amen.The ones boarding at our house are entirely teenage boys. rel wdsoltirassoltiros ang laonder.n
soltiros ang laonder. ofsoltirosOld bachelor.
somadavi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo do sums, addition; to add up, calculate the total.Somadaen mo kay mga pirapang tanan tang otango.Please add up how much all my debt is.ov synkointa2rel wdtaims
Somamita ta kalamay!say. ofkalamayYou will taste dark brown sugar! (This is an expression meaning that the child will be whipped.)
soman1nsumanSweet sticky rice.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo make sweet sticky rice.Somanen ta tang malagket ong damal.Let's make sweet sticky rice tomorrow with the sticky rice.Pirapang gantang tang sinoman mo asing ba-long takon?How many gantang measures of rice did you make into sticky rice for New Year's?
sombali1adjOpposite positions; wrong side, wrong feet; inside out.Ang pagtoro-tokon na tang tsinilas ay sombali. The way he wears his rubber slippers is on the wrong feet.2vtUndergoer: -enTo reverse something; turn inside out; position things in the opposite direction.Inengedong sinombali tang pagtakeno tang kortina.I intentionally reversed the printed side when installing the curtains.Tolbaden mo tang pondang maboling oman sombalien mo kang lagi ba-lo ibalik.Take off the dirty pillowcase and then turn it inside out before putting it back on.Sombalien ta tang kolo ta ang mapoyat.Let's position our heads at opposite ends when we sleep.ov synbali-kad 1
sompa11nsumpa, pangakoAn oath; a vow.2vi., vtActor: mag-, maN- Referent: -anTo take an oath or vow; to swear to something; the thing sworn to.Namagsompa tang mga ba-long opisialis ong talongan tang Mayor.The new officials took their oaths in front of the Mayor.Nanompa tanandia ang ganing indi ra moman ang manakaw.He swore he would not steal again.Ang taw, mga may pinangako na ig sinompan na pa, kaministiran ang boaten na enged.A person, if there is something he has promised and sworn to do, he must indeed do it.ov synpangako 1
sompa2<Not Sure>11.1vtTo be cursed by someone; to be cursed or punished by God.Sinompa ra tanandia tang nanay na ang indi ra ilalaen nang ana na.He was cursed by his mother that she would no longer recognize him as her son.Masking sompano pa, belag ta yo tang nangomit tang koarta mo.Even if I will be cursed, I was not the one who took your money.Kros pa ta! Sompano pa!say.11.1viFor a curse to be counteracted by doing something.Magpalawaya ang lagi ong nandia agod masompa tang bogno na.Have him rub his saliva on you in order that his curse on you can be counteracted.
sompong<Not Sure>11.1nBad mood.Mga anday sompong na pisan ami ka ang agsapeten na.If she is not in a bad mood she attends to us very well.1.2advTo do something if or when one is in the mood, or feels like it.Ang taw ang asi ay pasompong-sompong tang nandiang igtere-led ong obra.That person, his time for going to work is just when he's in the mood. sompongon ang tawder.1n., adj22.1vstatTo be overcome by something; to have an attack of some kind (high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack); to have a relapse.Pirming lelpak mga agsompongon tang kolo nang makinit.She always yells loud when she's overcome by a hot-tempered mood (lit. by her hot head).Sinompongo si tang sit tang kolō talabi.I had another attack of a headache last night.Sinompong tanandia, naglāwig tang dogo na tenged namangan ta karning baboy.He had an attack, his blood pressure went up because he ate some pork.33.1vstatTo temporarily be overcome by insanity; for a person to be overcome by his/her own power to become a witch, causing him/her to do strange things.Agsompongon tang beyeg na tenged pala-yen si tang bolan.He is temporarily being overcome by his insanity because the new moon is just appearing.Mga agsompongon ono tang kamangalok nira, sia pangeyep ta talinga obin pagtoad.It's said that when they are overcome by their being a witch, they blow in a person's ear or stand on their head and hands.
sompongon ang tawder. ofsompongMoody person.
sonatanmusikaMusic, usually without words.rel wdkanta 1togtog 1
sondavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo measure the depth of a liquid.Sondaen mo ngani mga monopa kayadi tang teled tang gas ong tangki tang pitromaks.Please measure the depth of kerosene inside the tank of the pressure lantern.Sinondao tang kadalem tang talsi, sigoro mga doroang depa.I measured the depth of the ocean, maybe it was equivalent to about two arm-span-measures.
sondalonsundalo; kawalSoldier.Yading sondalong napatay asing paggira.Many soldiers died during the war.
songka1nsungkaA native shell game, played with a board with scooped-out holes in it referred to as balay, 'houses', and using small cowry shells called sigay as tokens.2viActor: mag-To play this shell game.Napirdio asing nagsongka ita tenged pinangan mo tang yen ang tinaya.I lost when we played the shell game because you ate my tokens.
sonlogarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onbiroTo tease a person.India ra kay magsonlog ong anao, itaben magini-yak si.Please don't tease my child, she might cry again.Agsonlogono ka rin lamang tang babay oman nasilag da ong yen.I was just teasing the girl and then she got mad at me.antintirimis 1orog-orog