Agutaynen - English


sontokvtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -onsuntokTo hit with the fist; to punch, sock, or slug someone; to suffer a blow.Nagsontokan tanira tenged polos baleng.They hit each other with their fists because they were both drunk.Si Jose sinontok tang tatay na tenged tamadan.Jose was boxed by his father for being lazy.ov synbogbogrel wdboksing 1
sopangndamulagA male water buffalo; a mature bull or male goat.antsodorel wdbelkansodo
sopladavar. ofsoplado1adjA naughty, disrespectful child, i.e. a brat; to be disobedient, stubborn or hardheaded; stuck up, snobbish.2viActor: magpa-To act naughty, disrespectful; to act stuck up, snobbish.India ra kay magpasoplada tenged anday sayod ang ogali.Don't act snobbish because that is a bad character trait.ov synpalabi-labisotil 1
soplakvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enkontra, tutol, salungatTo disagree or contradict a person without first listening to them; to disregard.Sinoplak tang Mayor tang tata ong mga konsihalis na.The Mayor contradicted one of his councilors without listening to him.Indi soplaken ta tang mga aglalaygay tang mga mepet ta.We should not disregard the advice being given by our elders.ov synkontra 1
soporta1nSupport; financial support.antsostinto 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -antangkilik,; taguyodTo support someone with money, food, shelter, etc.Indio ra agsoportan tang mga ginikanano tenged napakatawao ra.I am no longer being supported by my parents because I've gotten married.antsostinto 1
sopot1<Not Sure>1.1nA small bag to hold or carry something in. (This can refer to a plastic, paper, or cloth bag.)Ilogod mo naning belat ong sopot. Put this rice in a bag. 1.2vtTo put something into a small bag.Sinopot-sopot dang lagi tang pamangan ang sindol tang taga monisipio.The food given out by the municipal employees had already been put into small plastic bags.anttori1 22vt2.1adjExpression for a boy or man who has not been circumcised, referring to the foreskin of the penis.'Sopot' tang goy ong laling indi natorian.Sopot is the term for a man who has not been circumcised.anttori1 1
soramvstatUndergoer: -enTo easily feel sick of eating certain foods, especially fatty or rich foods; to be tired of eating something all the time.Agsorameno ra ta karning baboy, masiadong matambek.I'm sick of eating pork, it is really fatty.Asing dono ong Puerto, sinoramo tang pangan ta karning baboy.When I was there in Puerto [Princesa City], I got tired of eating pork.ov synsawataka 1makasosoramder.adj
sora-ngiaarchaicadjFlirtatious; acting like a prostitute.antpo-ngagov synpo-wit
sorayviActor: -om- For a liquid to overflow, gush out; for fluids to come out of a dead body.Aroy, siminoray da tang Coke, sayang!Oh no, the Coca-Cola overflowed, too bad!Kaministiran ilbeng da tang patay tenged mga masokatan da, itaben somoray. The dead person needs to be buried now because when it has become 24 hours, fluids might start coming out of the body. rel wdbolik
sorbiEng1nSurvey.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo survey.Pamagsorbi tanira mga ong aripang barangayay ipa-deng tang parola.They are surveying as to which barangay they should build a lighthouse in.
soriotviActor: -om-For something or someone to whiz or zip along; to walk, run, swim, etc. very fast; to zoom ahead;; to streak across the sky.Mga totoldak ami ong bokid pisan aming sosoriot tenged mataliat tang mga batakal.When we were coming downhill from the farm, we were sliding down very fast because the loose gravel was slippery.Ang mga motor ang pamagkarira, pisan ang sosoriot. The motorcycles that are racing are really zooming along.Mga panolok ami, teta indi ami ma-pet tang yan tenged pisan ang sosoriot.When we look for fish in the reef at night, sometimes we can't hit the fish because they swim away so fast.Initao tang bitokon ang siminoriot ong langit.I saw the star streaking across the sky.ov synsirit-sirit
soroayen1der. ofsoayA quarrel, fight; the thing being quarreled about.
soroayen2nA quarrel, fight; the thing being quarreled about.Ang mga mepet dapat indi magpalabet ong soroayen ta mamola.Adults should not get involved in the quarrels of children.
sorodnThe long, rectangular front-part of a loom which looks like a large comb, made of wood. (This is where the thread is passed through. The comb-like teeth of the sorod keep the thread straight.)rel wdkanayantidal
sorodsovar. ofsarodso1nHandsaw.antlagadi 22vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-, -onTo saw something with a handsaw.Sinopay gatako ong nindio ang magsorodso? Which one of you knows how to saw with a handsaw? Sorodson mo kay naning ayong boatenong poronan.Please saw this wood that I'll make into a spool for fishing line.antlagadi 1
soro-sokan1nThe side edge of a roof into whic nipa palm shingles are inserted. (This is a long piece of bamboo split in half lengthwise.)
soro-sokan2der. ofso-sok1The side edge of a roof into which the nipa palm shingles are inserted. (This is a long piece of bamboo split in half lengthwise.)
sorot1nsurotBedbug.2vstatUndergoer: -onTo be infested with bedbugs.Sigoro soroton tang katri mi, yading pangalat.Maybe your bed is infested with bedbugs, there are many things biting.rel wdbisik-bisikdapaw 1oto 1
sorsivtActor: maN- Undergoer: -ansulsiTo mend a tear in something; to darn something by stitching and interweaving thread across a small hole.Manorsio rin tang kalioliotong lasik.I will mend my pants that are torn.antbeladov syntambel
sosiarchaicvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enusisaTo investigate; inquire.Dapat sosien mo tang ana mo ang pagadal don ong Cuyo tenged sigi lamang tang toyon ta koarta, oman itaben indi ka pagderep ang pagadal.You should investigate your child who is studying there in Cuyo because he's always asking for money to be sent, and actually he might not really be industrious in studying.antsitar
sosianA member of the Apostleship of Prayer. (These are the woman in the Catholic church who clean the church and cemetery, prepare food, lead the praying of the Holy Rosary, etc.)antApostolada de la Orasionder. ofapostolada
sosidadnlipunanAssociation; society, as in a small group of people with a common interest or cause.antasosasion
sosio1adjkasosioBusiness partner.2viActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--anTo be business partners.Si Jose may si Juan pagsosioan ang pamakal ta tambalang.Jose and Juan are business partners in buying seaweed.