parti21nbahagiA part, share of something.Asing nagelay ami tang yan ang inilawan amen, ang nandia doroang parti tenged ang panti na tang ginamit amen.When we divided up the fish we had caught, his share was two parts because it was his net that we used.The owner of the fishing net receives an extra share of the catch. For example, if four people go fishing, the owner will receive two parts out of five.ov synelay 1tenged42vtActor: mag- Undergoer: parti-partien Goal/Beneficiary: -anTo divide something into parts; to share something with another person; to give a share.Ipataket ta kang lagi tang tanek, ba-lo parti-partien ta.Let's have the land measured first before we divide it up.Pinarti-partio rang lagi tang yan ang nakomit ta agod anday daya.I've already divided up the fish we caught so that there won't be any cheating.Partian mo ka tang logod mo agod indi magini-yak.Share with your brother so he won't cry.ov synelay 1tingipinagpartian2der.nAng pinagpartian amen ay taglilima amen ka lamang ang bilog.Our share was only five pieces for each one of us.

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