eyakunspec. var.gaeyak1nhiya, kimiShame.2adjmakaeyaknakakahiyaShameful; embarrassing; disgraceful.Makaeyak! Pinādalana pa yen, tapos babatoka pa ong yen?Shameful! I sent you to school and then you are talking back to me?Makaeyak ong bisita ta tenged pirmiang baleng.It is embarrassing to our visitors because you are always drunk.ov synlāway 13vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo shame, embarrass, or disgrace someone or oneself.Angay pinaeyako ra ka nio ong karakelan ta taw?Why did you shame me in front of a group of people?Pagpaeyaka lamang tang sadili mo ong agboaten mo.You are just embarrassing yourself by what you are doing.4vtUndergoer: ikaeyakTo be ashamed of someone else.Agkakaeyak na tang tatay na tenged indi mābasa.He is ashamed of his father because he cannot read.5vstatUndergoer: ma-To feel shy, ashamed, or embarrassed; to be embarrassed to do something; bashful.Gaeyak tanandiang magtayaw tenged indi mātako.He is embarrassed to folk dance because he doesn't know how.Korsonadao tang babay ang asia piro geyako ong nandia.I really like that girl but I feel shy around her.6adjmeleyaken, maraeyakenmahiyainVery shy; easily embarrassed; bashful; quiet.Angay meleyakena, kapostora mong asia?Why are you so shy, after all you are very pretty?ov synenlek 1rel wddamel 1

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