yen1pers. prnI.Ipangadia yen. I will pray for you.Patabidan amo yen mga anday koran.I will take you along with me if there is no rain.rel wdovar.obinyo2pers. prnakinMe; mine; my.May kaministiran mo ong yen? Do you need something from me? Yen sia!That is mine! Ang yen ang balay alawid ong karsada.My house is far from the road.3possessiveMay yen; Anday yen.I have some; I don't have any.Nani may pabanglo. Nani may yen ka.Here is some perfume. I also have some here.May salasioso, piro ang rilo anday yen. I have earrings, but as for a watch I don't have one.

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