lawiglāwigunspec. var.palawig<Not Sure>11.1viFor something, someone to become taller; for an item to increase, go up in price; for one's blood pressure to go up.Limināwig da tang priso tang tambalang.The price of seaweed has gone up. Lalāwig da si Dodoy, indi maboay tempeng da ong ni tatay na.Dodoy is getting tall, soon he'll be the same height as his father.Sinompong tanandia, naglāwig tang dogo na tenged namangan ta karning baboy.He had an attack, his blood pressure went up because he ate some pork.1.2adjHigh, tall, as of a person, tree, building; high in rank, grade, or price.Alāwig da tang ana mo.Your child is already tall.1.3adj., nThe highest one.antdibabak 1antbabak 1.1kalāwigder.1nMonopa bato kalāwig tang tori ang agboaten nira?How high do you think the tower is that they are building?22.1vtTo elevate, place, or raise something up to a higher position; to raise the price of something.Ipalāwig mo kay tang baskit, itaben kaboton tang kiro.Please raise the basket high up, the dog might reach it.antpababakbabak33.1vtTo exalt someone, or someone's name; to elevate or exalt oneself over another person.Ang taw ang pagpalāwig tang sadili na, tanandia tang ipababak.The person who elevates himself, he's the one who will be brought low.antpababakbabak

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