matodmatód1adjtotoo; tunay; katotohananTrue; real; sincere; genuine.Onopa, ang balita matod na may doktor ang paning ong Agutaya?Is the news true that there will be a doctor coming to Agutaya?Kaministiran ang matod ang enged tang paggegma ta.Our love must indeed be sincere.antbo-li 2ov synde-dek1 1tonay12viActor/Undergoer: mag-For something to come true or be realized.Asing tarin on kalibotan si Jesus, nagmatod ka enged tang inaning tang mga propita asing tokaw pa tenged ong nandia.When Jesus was here on the earth, what the prophets said about him in the distant past indeed came true. ov syntopad3advong matodTruly; for sure.Ong matod, komabot tang tatay mo, palona nandia!For sure, when your father arrives, he will beat you!4npamatód, pagpamatódpatunayEvidence; proof; testimony.Si Jesus nagboat ta yading milagro bilang pagpamatod ang tanandia tang Ana ta Dios.Jesus did many miracles as proof that he was the Son of God.5vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--ankatunayanTo prove, show something to be true; to give testimony, witness to something.Pamatodan mo tang binitala mo.Prove what you said.ov syntistigo 1kamatódander.nPoros kamatodan tang abibitalao ong nindio.What I am saying to you is entirely the truth.

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