bakedunspec. var.mabaked1adjmabakedtibayStrong; durable; firm; steadfast.Mabaked tang adili tang balay nira.The posts of their house are strong. Piro kaministiran ang magpadayon amo ang maelet ig mabaked tang pagto mi.But you must continue with your faith being firm and steadfast.antmalobayunspec. var. oflobaymatibayov synmaeletmapoirsa2vtUndergoer: -en, pa--en To make something strong; to strengthen something.Bakeden mo tang lokot tang kodal para indi mabontok.Make the ties of the fence strong so they won't break.3viActor: maN-To become strong, strengthened.Nambaked tang pagto ni Nanay asing nago-ya ong masit na.Mother's faith was strengthened when she became healed of her sickness.ov synelet 1poirsa 1

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