balda11.1vtTo hit, strike someone severely on the upper body, usually the back or chest, sometimes causing crippling.Sinopay nagbalda ong nio?Who hit you severely on your back? 1.2viTo become severely crippled over, either from being beaten up or from an accident, such as a bad fall; to develop chronic pain in the chest, lungs, ribs, or back from an illness such as tuberculosis, or from too much heavy work.Nabalda tanandia asing pagabo-log na ong nioy.He became crippled when he fell from a coconut tree.Ang molang sinontok nabalda ra, animan indi ra mapagtakan ta mabelat.That child that was beaten up developed severe pain in his ribs, therefore he no longer can carry anything heavy.Ang mga manigbongbong madaling mabalda ong sobrang epeng.Men who use dynamite in fishing easily develop lung problems due to always diving down deep.Angay keke-lea rang pirmi, sigoro nabaldana asing pagsorontokan mi?Why are your shoulders always hunched up, maybe you were severely injured when you were boxing each other?Nabaldan tanandia ong sobrang petek na ta bato.He developed back and chest pain from always breaking up rocks.ov. syn.sigbak 1.3rel. wrd.laba2 1.1lampak 1lapik 1paralisado 1pilay2 1pokod 1poro1 1.1ov. syn.bakod 1.1talbok 1.1rel. wrd.kibit 1.2pokod 1sigbak 1.2baldadoder.n

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