wasag1viUndergoer: ma-kalatFor something to become all scattered or spread around.Nawasag tang mga po-pot ang sinompok komo kina-kap tang mano.The trash that was piled up became scattered all around because of the chickens scratching in it.2statwasag, wasag-wasag daFor something to come apart; for things to be scattered around.Wasag da tang silig, pirming agkayamen tang kiro.The stick broom has come all apart, the puppy is always playing with it.ov synwagwag1 13vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally scatter or spread things around; mess things up.Asing sinled tang opisina, winasag tang mga papilis.When the office was broken into, the papers were scattered all around.ov synbola-tak 1watak-watak 14viActor: mag-For people, things to spread or scatter to other places; for news to become widespread.Ang mga Filipino pamagwasag da ong bilog ang kalibotan.The Filipino people are scattered all over the world.Nagwasag da tang balita ang may masit ta baboy.The news has already become wide-spread about swine flu.ov synpalbasaboag

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