lagopok11.1nA loud, hollow, smacking sound caused by one object hitting against another.Aroy, binakodan tang mola tang logod na, pisan ang lagopok tang boko-boko na!Oh my, the little child was hit so hard on his back by his brother, his back made a loud, hollow, smacking sound! 1.2viFor something to hit against or smack against something, making a loud sound; to fall with a loud thud; for something to make a loud tapping sound.Ang mola nabo-log ong aldan, pisan ang liminagopok ong tanek.The child fell from the stairs, he hit the ground forcefully with a loud thud. Ang sapatos na pisan ang lalagopok ong siminto mga papanaw.Her shoes really make a loud tapping sound on the cement when she walks.rel. wrd.lampak 1Mga monopa kalawig tang layog mo, mga megtaka, lagopok.2say.

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