ambeng1adjmambengmasayaHappy; cheerful, joyful; fun, a good time.Mambeng ang manandal ta kasoy ong baybay mga garokop da tang kaldaw.It's fun to roast cashew nuts on the beach when the sun is going down.antpongaw 1pongaw 2ov synlipay 12vstatUndergoer: -anTo be or feel happy; to be glad.Inambengan tanandia ang nagbakasion ong logar nira tenged namagbagat tang mga tangay na.She was happy when she vacationed in their home place because she met up with her friends there.kāmbengander.nAnda ray matolad ong kāmbengan ang pinaningan amen.The get-together we went to has no comparison.

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