alot1vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo strip a midrib of its leaves, such as a coconut frond; to prepare bamboo or rattan by stripping the leaves, splitting it, and cleaning it by scraping it with a machete.Nagaloto ta ogat ta nioy para boateno rin ang silig amen.I stripped the leaves off the coconut midribs to make them into a broom.Mga magalota tang ikodal ang kawayan, indi ra pataladen mo tang kapotan na.When you split and clean the bamboo for the fencing, don't make the ends pointed.rel wdogat1 1raot2nalotNarrow rattan strips used for tying up bundles or for tying nipa palm shingles to a roof frame.ov synbakkoay1si-sik

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