ronot1<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to rot or decay; for food to spoil.Garonot da tang paray, maboay dang ayegen.The rice in the field is already getting rotten, the harvesting of it is so long.1.2statRotten, spoiled as of wood, fruit, vegetables; overcooked, mushy, as of boiled meat or fish.Sayang, ronot da tang karning mano.Too bad, the chicken meat is spoiled already.2stat2.1vtTo mash certain food up in preparing a dish.Mga maglotok ta banana cake, primiro ronoton kang lagi tang ponsi ba-lo samporan ta arina.When making banana cake, first mash the bananas and then mix in some flour.Ong pagboat ta kinonot ang pali, aglagaen kang lagi, oman agronoton ba-lo gisaen. Tapos, betangan ta panagel asta langgaw.In making kinonot stingray, it is first boiled and then mashed and next sautéed. Next, spices and vinegar are put on it.

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