ilala<Not Sure>11.1vtTo meet someone for the first time; to know or recognize someone or something; to be able to identify someone or something.Nailalao tanandia asing pagsiminar amen ong Puerto.I met her for the first time when we attended a seminar in Puerto [Princesa City].Midio gailala rin yen, sinopa tang aran mo?It seems I know you, what is your name?Gailalao tang lānga tang baka amen.I recognize the mooing sound of our cow.gailala2der.nilalado1der.1adj22.1vtTo introduce oneself or someone else to a third party.Galiago rin ang magpailala ong nindio mandian.I would like to introduce myself to all of you now.Ang tangayo may pinagari na ang galiag nang ipailala ong yen.My friend has a cousin who she wants to introduce to me.33.1vtTo recognize a person publicly; to acknowledge a person or admit to knowing them; to consider a person in a certain way.Indi ra gilalaen tang tatay tang ana nang soltiras ang nagabet.The father no longer acknowledges his daughter who got pregnant.May domang mga taw ang indi ilalaen nira si Jesus ang yay ang Dios.There are some people who do not recognize Jesus as being God.

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