liagunspec. var.galiagmaliag1vi., vtActor/Undergoer: ma- Goal: ma--angusto; pagnanasaTo want or desire something; to like, enjoy something; to be happy or pleased with a person; to approve of someone, something.Galiago rin ang temelek tang litrato mo.I would like to see your picture.Ang lambong ang binakalo naliagan tang tangayo.My friend liked the dress I bought.Maderep tang torobolon animan naliliagan ta mo-ya tang agalen na.The househelper is very industrious therefore her boss is very pleased with her.rel wddonong 1oyon12ndorong kaliagWhat a person really enjoys.Dorong kaliag na ang mandelep.He really enjoys going swimming.3nliag, kaliagan, kaliliaganDesire; will; ambitionMago-ya tanandia mga yay ang kaliagan tang Dios.He will get well if that is the will of God.ov synkalalanganlalang 1

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