gapas1ngapasA small sickle, used for harvesting rice or cutting cogon grass (kirib).2vtActor: mag-, maN--an Undergoer: -en, -anTo cut, harvest with the use of a sickle; to go someplace to harvest rice when it's harvest time there.Gapasen ta ra lamang tang paray para madali itang matapos.We'll just harvest the rice with a sickle so we can quickly finish.Yading nagapasan mo?Were you able to harvest a lot?Magpagapaso ra rin tang paray amen.I'm thinking of having our rice harvested.Manggapasano rin ong San Vicente.I'm going harvest rice in [the municipality of] San Vicente.ov synayeg 1rel wdgalabgamgaman 1

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