mabolingadjDirty, covered with dirt; trashy; dirty in a moral sense; morally or religiously unclean; malicious thoughts; foul language, dirty words.Angay maboling tang kolongon tang baboy? Kalaomo nalimpioan mo ra.Why is the pigpen dirty? I thought you had already cleaned it.Aroy! Maboling tang anga mo!Oh my! Your mouth is so dirty! (i.e. speaking foul language).Indi ra tomabid ong taw ang asia, maboling tang isip na, pirming agpakalaineno nandia ong doma.I won't hang out with that person anymore, his mind is dirty (i.e. having malicious thoughts), he is always maligning me to others.antlimpio1 1.2limpio2var.malimpiomalimpiorel wdboling 1malawaypongit 1

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