dengegunspec. var.padengegan1ndangalThe innate dignity, honor, personhood which all people possess.Ang bitala mong asia panlangga ta dengeg. Those words of yours destroy a person's honor.Ong oring kaldaw, itaen tang tanan tang makabebereng ang dengeg tang Dios.On the last day, everyone will see the amazing honor of God.rel wdpagkataw2nkadengeganHonor.Mga brait tang ana mo, sia pagtorol ta kadengegan ong ginikanan.If your child is bright, that brings honor to his parents.Kadengegan tang nagimong Mayor tenged nagprosigir para ong ikakao-ya tang banoa.The one who became Mayor is praiseworthy because he worked hard for the good of the town.3vtActor: magpa- Goal: pa--anTo give, show honor or respect to someone; to esteem someone; to praise someone; to glorify God.Agpadengegan tang mga taw tang Obispo ang kiminbot ong pagbagat nira ta mga banda may ati-ati.The Bishop who arrived is being honored by the people by meeting him with a band and cultural dance.ov syndayaw 1galang 14adjpadengegGiving praise, honor.Ang galiagan nirang kantaen, poros mga kantang padengeg ong Dios.What they like to sing is entirely songs giving praise to God (i.e. praise songs).

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