ambog1vi., vtActor: magpa-, mag- Undergoer: -onhambog, yabangTo boast, brag in a negative sense; to boast about someone in a positive sense; to be proud of someone.India magpāmbog ong gintris ong nio, itaben asilagana nandia.Don't boast to the one courting you, he might get mad at you.Pagpāmbog da tenged masinlo ra tang balay na.He is boasting now because his house is so nice now.Balampa mapambogo tang anao mandian ang gradoasion.Hopefully I will be able to boast about my child this graduation.antbabakán 2.1der. ofbabakdibabak tang pama-dek 2.1der. ofdibabakebes 2.1paebespalepe2adj., advambogon, māmbog, kāmbogBoastful; arrogant; conceited; proud.Ang tatang taw ang ambogon, anday yading tangay na.A person who is conceited does not have many friends.Mambog tanandia tenged masinlong magtayaw.He is conceited because he dances well.Ang molang asi ay doro kambog ang komaliek.That boy acts arrogant when he struts around.antdibabak 1ov synago 1apog 1bogal 1bokol2 1tabako2 1

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