tāy<Not Sure>11.1vi., vtTo ride on a vehicle; to travel, usually by boat; to board, get into a boat or vehicle; the means of transportation used.Magtāy amo ra kaman ong San Vicente, magpekelo rin ta solat.If you will indeed travel over to the town of San Vicente, I'll send a letter with you.Indio ra tomāy ang moman ong motorsiklo, geldanong mabo-log.I won't ride on the motorcycle again, I'm afraid of falling.Oman namansitāy tanira ong motor ig dayon dang namagalin.Then they all boarded the boat and proceeded to leave.Onopay tināyan ming napaning ong Diit?What was your transportation (lit. what boat did you ride on) when you went to Diit?Mga anday matāyano, indio ra sigoro madayon.If I have no boat to travel on, perhaps I won't be able to proceed.antbabak 1taboan 11.2vtantbabak 1.1taboan 2tarāyander.1n22.1vtTo go along with (lit. to ride on) a joke.Imbis na tāyan mo tang intirimis, yawa ay napikon.Instead of going along with the joke, you just got mad.tāyander.To allow or cause passengers to board a boat or vehicle.Indi ami rin patāyen ong barko tenged anday tikit amen.We nearly weren't allowed to board the ship because we had no tickets.

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