kaldaw21narawDay.rel wdBiyernesDominggoHuwebesLunesMartesMyerkulesvar.MiyerkulesSabado2advkaldaw-kaldawaraw-arawEvery day; daily.Pirmiang mandigo kaldaw-kaldaw para madaliang manambek.Take a bath every day so that you'll quickly become fat and healthy.3adjpangaldaw-kaldawEvery day, daily; common, everyday things or activities.Ang bitalang aggamiten tang pangaldaw-kaldaw, yay ang aggoyan ta 'mother-tongue' ta.The language that we use daily, that's what is called our 'mother-tongue'.Mga paning ita don, itok mo lamang tang lambong mong pangaldaw-kaldaw. When we go there, just wear your everyday clothes.4advkinaldawPaid by the day.Kinaldaw tang panōl tang pamagobra ong balay.The wage of those working on the house is by the day. 5viUndergoer/Goal: ma--anTo be overcome by the day, i.e. to wake up late.Nakaldawano ang napoaw tenged nagpolawo talabi.I woke up late because I went to the wake last night.kakaldawan2der.n

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