tarengviActor: -om-, mag-, mā- pl. paN-hinto; para; tigilTo tarry; to stay awhile; to stop; to stay put; to stop or give up on a course of action.Tomarenga ka maski indi lamang maboay, magmirinda ita.Stay for just a little while, we'll have a snack.Indi ami ra magtareng, may paningan amen pa.We won't tarry, we still have somewhere to go.Angay india mātareng ta balay, pirmia ka lamang alig!Why aren't you able to stay put at home, you're always running around!Anday magalig, ang taw pananeng! No one go off, everyone stay put! Maski mapalet pagreges ang magbiahi, imbis awidan amen napananeng ami ra lamang.Even though the weather was rough he was insisting on traveling, so instead of detaining him we just gave up. rel wdpara3tinir 1

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