sagang1<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to be blocking or obstructing something, getting in the way.Indi mata-lib tang tarayan ong karsada, may ayong mabael ang pagsagang.Vehicles can't drive down the street, there's a large fallen tree blocking the way.1.2vtTo prevent or hinder someone from going somewhere; to restrain, or block someone; to separate two people who are fighting.Ganing si Jesus, "Indi sagangen mi tang mga mamolang palenget ong yen."Jesus said, "Don't prevent the children from coming to me."Belag da lamang ta naminta ang simpan ami rang paning atan, piro sinagang ami ni Satanas.More than once we were ready to go there to you, but we were hindered by Satan.Angay indi sinagang mo tang taw ang panrotos?Why didn't you block the person chasing another?Sagangen mo kay tang pamagsontokan.Please separate those people fighting.2vt2.1adjAn item, like an amulet, which has power to ward off curses and witches.To-tokon mo tang kolintat ang nani, sia may orasion na ig sagang ong mangalok.Wear this necklace because it has prayers inside and it can ward off witches.panagang2der.n

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