bola-tak1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo spread or scatter things around; to mess things up.Sinopay nagbola-tak tang mga gamito tani ong aparador?Who messed up my things here in the cupboard?Angay binola-tak mo tang mga papil tani ong lamisan?Why did you scatter the papers all over the table?1.2statFor things to be all messed up; spread or scattered around; be in disarray.Aroy, bola-tak da tang mga libro tarin ong koarto!Oh my, the books are all scattered around here in the room!2stat2.1viFor old rice to fall apart when cooked, not stick together.Gabola-tak tang belat amen mga dongkolon, sigoro laon da.Our rice falls apart when cooked, maybe it's already old.

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