batok1vtActor: m- Goal: -anlabanTo resist; to fight back.India matok mga yawa tang may kasalanan.Don't fight back if you are in the wrong.Batokan mo tang tokso, india magpadegdeg.Resist temptation, don't be overcome by it.antpabagbag2vtActor: magig- Reduplication:: mag--an Undergoer: ipa-To provoke, draw into a fight; to challenge someone to a fight or a bet; to fight in a match, to enter someone in a match.India geldan ang magigbatok ong polis?Aren't you afraid to provoke the police?Magigbatoko ta postan mga sinopay mandeg ong mga kandidato.I'll challenge anyone's bet as to what candidate will win.Nagbatokan da tang mga mano nira.Their roosters have already fought each other. Ipabatoko rin tang anao ong boksing.I'll have my child fight in the boxing match.rel wdsoaysolong 13viActor: -om-labanTo talk back.Maski ang boat na ay mali, babatok pa ka enged ong aka na.Even though what he did was wrong, he still talks back to his elders.antpabagbagov synbalabag 1sabat 1

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