talonga1<Not Sure>1.1n., locThe front of something; in front of.Ong talongan tang balay amen may lindoakong tang papang taletay.In front of our house there is an umbrella tree that I planted.1.2statFacing; faces.Ang simban ay tatalonga ong iskoilan tang GAMNHS.The church faces Gaudencio Abordo Memorial National High School.1.3nFace-to-face (literally, a person who is facing another person).Angay indi amo ka pamagriklamo mga katalongao nindio?Why aren't you complaining when we are face-to-face? 1.4vi., vtTo face forward; to face something, someone; to face each other.Siminalonga tanandia ong mga taw ig dayon na kang sinambleng tanira.He faced the people and proceeded to rebuke them.Talongaen mo tanandia komo bisita mo.You face him because he is your visitor.Pagtalongan tanirang pagtayaw tenged magpariha.They're facing each other in the dance because they are partners.1.5vtTo position, point something facing towards someone.Ipatalonga mo ong yen tang libro para mabasao ta masinlo.Please face the book towards me so that I can read it well.India magpatalonga tang posil mo ong mga taw.Don't point your gun at people.2vt2.1viTo be able to give time, attention to something.Sigi tang kabot tang mga taw ong balay, animan maski pagpamangan, indio ra matalonga. The people keep arriving at the house, therefore even with regards to eating, I don't have any time to give to it. 2.2vtTo be facing something ahead such as work, an event, a hardship.Yading obrang agtalongaeno mandian.I have a lot of work facing me now.taralongaen1der.1n22.1vtTo direct something towards someone, take something out on someone, like anger.Indio paerepen mo, itaben yaway panalongan ta.Don't make me angry, you might be the one I take it out on.

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