ba-bak1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enpunitTo split something apart by tearing or peeling it apart; to forcefully rip or split something apart, usually with a downward tearing action.Bina-bak na tang bori para ipakaldaw.She peeled apart the bori midribs in order to dry them.Inenged nang bina-bak tang lambong na ong sobrang kasisilagen na.She intentionally tore her clothes in her excessive anger.rel wdra-rat 1teray2viUndergoer: ma-For something be badly ripped, accidentally get a large tear in it.Naba-bak tang kaliolioto asing nata-wit ong kodal.My pants were badly ripped when they got snagged on the fence.ov synla-lat 1lasik 1ra-rat 1

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