wara2unspec. var.panginwaravtActor: manginwara Goal: warān, panginwaranTo lie about something; to lie to someone; to deny something when questioned.Ong matod tanandia tang nanakaw, piro nanginwara tanandia tenged geldan ang mapriso.In reality he is the one who stole but he denied it because he is afraid to be imprisoned.Warān mo mga yaway komiten nirang tistigos ong kaso nira.You will lie if you will be the one they get to testify in their case.Indi panginwaran mo tang binitala mo.Don't deny what you said.Winarān ni Juan ang tanandia tang nangomit tang koarta tang monisipio.Juan denied that he was the one who took the money of the municipality.ov synbo-li 1

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