paptl1paYet; still; additionally; what's more; moreover.Indi pa gatapos tang obra nira.Their work is not yet finished.Tarin pa tanandia, indi pa magalin.He is still here, he hasn't left yet. Masabor tang pamangan don. Barato pa. The food there is delicious. What's more, it's cheap.Ig tata pa, anday magpelek ta linget ong baybay.And one thing more, no one should throw trash out on the beach.Aroy, kabael da ka rin tang yan, napalpat pa! Oh, that fish was so big and moreover it got away!rel wdda1var.ra22pa man, pamanMoreover; besides; since, especially since.Pandaman mo tang plantsan, may mola pa man ang ge-ley.Be careful with the iron, especially since there's a small child around here.rel wdman1 1

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