bereng1unspec. var.makabereng1<Not Sure>1.1vstatTo be surprised; to be amazed or astonished at something; to wonder at something.Gaberengo ong nio tenged ganinga anday koarta mo, pagatapos asia nabakala ka ta pambot mo!I'm amazed at you because you said you had no money and then you were still able to buy a boat!1.2adjAmazing; wonderful; glorious; strange.Makabebereng, angay bato galayog tang iroplano ang dorog kabelat?It's amazing, why do you suppose an airplane can fly when it is so very heavy?Makabebereng tang mga milagrong bindoat ni Jesus asing tarin tanandia ong tanek.The miracles that Jesus did when he was here on earth were so amazing.2adj2.1vstatFor a person to hallucinate due to a high fever, without consciously knowing what they are doing.Agbereng-berengen tang mola ong sobrang kalawig tang kinit na.He is hallucinating because he has a very high fever.

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