pelapela, pēlaunspec. var.a-laga-la, ga-lanna-la1<Not Sure>1.1nLow tide.Manilaw ami rin ta silik mga pela ra.Let's collect sea urchins when it is already low tide. antteb 11.2viTo become low tide; to be overcome by low tide; for a boat to be beached due to low tide.Ga-la ra! Dalian ming ipaloa tang motor.It's becoming low tide! Hurry and put the boat out.Indi amo pāboay ang mame-pet ta kawayan, ma-lan ita ra.Don't be long cutting the bamboo, we'll be overcome by low tide. Na-lan da tang bilog don ong enasan.The small outrigger has become beached there in the low tide area.antteb 32vi2.1viFor water in a well to just trickle in at low tide or in hot season; for water to recede, dry up; for rice to absorb water while being cooked.Ang wi ga-lan ka mga pela.The water in the well just trickles in when it is low tide.Alenget dang ma-lan tang dinongkol.The rice has almost absorbed all the water. 2.2vtTo allow, cause, or wait for water to recede, dry up, become lower or be absorbed.Pa-lan mo kay tang dinongkol tenged may doma pang obraeno.Please watch the rice until the water is absorbed because I have some other work to do.

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