ogali11.1n., advNatural state; ordinary way; naturally.Pagonat tang taw tang kalima na, nabalik ka kaman ong ogali. When the man stretched out his hand, it indeed returned to its natural state.Nangana tanandia ong ogali lamang, indi inopiran.She gave birth naturally, she wasn't operated on.ov. syn.natoral 1.11.2exprIf it were possible, natural to...Ogali pa lamang talsi paranawen, sigoro indio ra magsakripisyo ang magtoka ong motor.If it were possible to walk on the ocean maybe I wouldn't have to suffer in throwing up on a boat.Ogali pa lamang ang taw ang patay poiding boien, mandian ang oras ang na ay boienong lagi.If it were possible to raise the dead, right now at this very moment I would raise him immediately.ov. syn.kalidad 1.1rel. wrd.ordinario 1.12expr2.1nCharacter; conduct, habits of a person; behavior; traits.Tanandia, ang ogali na anday sayod.As for him, his character is bad.Belag ta ogali tang manango ang magigistoria ong kamalay.It's not the habit of my older sister to start conversations with the neighbor.ov. syn.kostombri 1.12.2viTo act habitually in a certain way; to display certain habits.Yawang molā, india kay magogali ta maning atan, anday sayod tang taw ang ispotan.You child, please don't act like that, a selfish person is not a nice person.3vivTo have made something one's habit or custom; to be accustomed to.Naogaliano ra ang indi pamangan kada damal-damal.I've already made it my habit not to eat in the morning.kaogalian2der.var.kinaogalian1ov. syn.toromanen1 1der. oftomantoromanen2 1.1kinaogalian2der.pl. n

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