tobod1vi., vtActor: -om-, ma- (ma-bod) Goal: -anTo seep out; to flow, trickle as sap from a tree or underground water, or saliva from the mouth; for a boat to leak, take in water; for breast milk to come in.Matarem tang tangget ang aggamiten tang mananggiti ang gegeret ong boyok agod ma-bod tang teba.The small curved machete used by a coconut-wine gatherer is very sharp for cutting the flower capsule so that the coconut nectar will freely trickle out. Ma-bod da tang bilog, para-letan da tang lebleb na.The small boat is leaking water, it's time to replace its sides.Dapat manginem ta pamegat tang nangana agod tombod tang yatat na.A woman who has just given birth should drink water mixed with special bark and herbs so that her breast milk will come in. Indio napagpatiti tenged indio simbodan ta yatat.I wasn't able to breast-feed because I had no breast milk come in. Dorong kakinit, animan pisanong agtobodan ta dorong inang.It is so hot, therefore I'm experiencing a lot of perspiration flowing out of me.2vtActor: magpa-To wait for water to trickle into a well.Pagpa-bod tanira ta wi mga timpong koarisma.They wait for water to trickle into the well during hot season.3adjma-bodTo flow freely, as of a spring that flows continuously, or nectar from a coconut flower capsule.antga-lantoro-bodan1der.n

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