elay1nbahagiA share of something; a portion of something.Sindol ka ni Jose tang elay tang panti mo?Did Jose give you a share of what he caught with your net?ov synparti2 1tenged42vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -en Goal/Beneficiary: -anTo share something with someone else; to give a share; to divide something between two or more people; to divide people into groups.Magelay ita ra tang paray ang nāyeg ta.We will share the rice that we were able to harvest.Elayan mo tang logod mo ta siang kamait.Share that corn with your brother.Oman inelay tang tatay ong nirang doroa tang mga pagkabetang na.And so the father divided his possessions between the two of them.Pageleyan ming doroa tang sindolong tera.Divide between the two of you the viand that I gave you.Panawo rin ong Villa Fria, magpaelayo rin tang pagsa amen.I will go to Villa Fria, I'll have my tenant farmer divide up our shares. Pagaramal, inelay tang hiniral ta tolong gropo tang mga sondalo na.The next morning, the general divided his soldiers into three groups.On Agutaya the landowner gets one third of the harvested rice and the tenant gets two thirds.3viActor: magigelayTo ask for a share of something, usually intending to pay for it.Mga may paray ming komabot, magigelayo rin.When you have rice that arrives, I'd like to ask for a share. ov synparti2 1tenga 1tingi

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