eled11.1nFear.Indi ra matako ta ibitala na tang taw ong sobrang eled na.The man didn't know what to say due to his extreme fear. 1.2viTo feel afraid; to become frightened.Geldano rang molik tenged doro kaki-lep tang karsada.I'm afraid to go home because the street is so dark.Inledan tanandia ong kanino tang ayo, kalaom na taw ang takawan.He was frightened by the shadow of the tree, he thought it was a thief.ov. syn.kabado 1ov. syn.engted 1.1kelba 1.1legda2 1.1talaw 1.2ta-lok 1.2rel. wrd.geldan 1.1makaeled2 1.1maraelden2 1.1kamakaeledder.adjMakaeled da tang balay ang asia, naboay dang indi gistaran.That house is scary, it's been a long time since it was inhabited.makaeled1der.maraelden1der.aadjbb.1vtTo scare or startle a person by spooking them, or jumping out at them; to frighten or threaten a person with words, stories, or actions.Indi pelden mi si Lola, itaben atakian ong popotokon na.Don't jump out and scare Grandma, she might have a heart attack.Pagaita amen tang baleng ang pagpaeled-eled ta ged, dayon aming laging nantalok.When we saw the drunk threatening people with a machete, we immediately hid.Mga indi agpaeled-eledeno tang mamola ang ganingo may kio, sigi lamang tang delep nira kaldaw-kaldaw.If I don't scare the kids saying that there's a shark, they will just keep on swimming every day.ov. syn.pelang 1peled1der.n

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