kaligvt1Actor: mag- Undergoer: -en Instrument: i-itabiTo brush, sweep to the side things like dried leaves, manure, etc. using a stick or one's feet; tKaligen mo kay naning mga taki ta baka tani ong may kodal.Please brush the cow's manure over to the side by the fence.Ba-lo kay, magdilem ita ta barobay ang ikalig ta tang mga linget.Wait a minute, let's first look for a coconut spadix to use to sweep the leaves and trash to the side. ov synsilig 12Undergoer: ma-To accidentally brush against something.Nakaligo tang baso ong lamisan animan nabo-log.I accidentally brushed against the glass on the table and then it fell to the floor.ov synsilig 1

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