torolvtActor: magtorol, mandol, mapagtorol Undergoer: i-dol, ma-dol Goal: oldan, ma-dolanbigay; dulot-handog; alokTo give something; to give something that is asked for; to offer something; to submit something.I-dolo lamang ong nio tang latang na mga malo-tan.I'll just give this can to you when it is empty.Nay, patigayon mo rang isi-lit tang tamping, ong damal i-dolo ra ong maistrao.Mother, please finish weaving the opening of the basket, tomorrow I'll submit it to my teacher.Pasinsia, anda ray ma-dolo ong nio.I'm sorry, I have nothing else to give you.Sindolan ami ta tagtale-ta amen ang bilog.We were each given one a piece.Oldan ta ta koarta tang mga mamola ang pamagkanta.We'll give money to the children singing.Olday ka ta wi patigayon.Please give me some water.Nandol ami ta ge-ley ang ginatan ong nira.We gave a little of the coconut dish to them.Indio moman ang mandol ta gasolina ong nandia tenged indi ka agteltan na.I won't give gas to him again because he doesn't replace it.Gasilag tanandia tenged indi na-dolano tang agministiren na.He is angry because I didn't give him what he needs.Pirapa pay indi ga-dolan tang rasion ang nagalin ong ni Mayor?How many have not yet been given food rations that came from the Mayor?ov syntagtagrel wdpa-dol

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