ampang<Not Sure>11.1vi., vtTo talk, converse somewhat formally; to discuss something with others; the topic of a discussion.Pakaronga, magampang ita kay lagi ta indi maboay.Sit down, let's first converse for a short time.Ang inampangan amen tongapon ong miting ay natetenged ong kontribosion ong Palarong Bayan.What we discussed in our meeting yesterday was the contribution for the District Sports Meet.Onopa tang agpagampangan mi atan?What are you discussing there?arampangender.1n22.1vtTo talk to, confront, or advise someone about something.Ampangan mo kay tanandia ta mo-ya, balampa mamasi ong nio.Talk to her nicely, hopefully she'll listen to you.33.1vtTo talk to someone about something specific; to make a request of them.Agdilemeno si Ana, magigampango rin ong nandia ang mistar ong yamen.I'm looking for Ana, I would like to talk to her about living at our house (i.e. as a househelper).Sinopay kinampang mo ang magsalinti ong nio ang magninong?Who did you request to be your proxy as a godfather?44.1nAn agreement, understanding, or commitment.May ampang amen da ni manong mo ang dona ra lamang magadal ong Cuyo.Your older brother and I have an agreement that you will study just there in the town of Cuyo.Ang doroang taw, mga may pinagampangan nira, dapat ang toman nira.Two people, when they have an agreement about something, they should fulfill it.Ang magnobio, mga may inampangan da nira, indi ita ra mawid.A young couple, if they already have an understanding, we won't be able to hold them back.kampangder.npalampangder.n

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