bakalbakál1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo buy, purchase something; to use a certain amount of money to purchase something: to buy something for another person.Mamakalo kay ta kasin ong da Nay Maria tenged don barato.I'll buy salt at Auntie Maria's store because it is cheap there.Mga dona ra ong Puerto, bakalan mo kay si Dodoy ta sapatos na.When you are there in Puerto [Princesa City], please buy Dodoy some shoes.Ibakalo ta yan tang solo.I'll use my wage to buy fish.Ayra bato tang agpapamakaleno ta bolong?Where do you suppose is the one I sent to buy medicine?antpabakal2vt2.1To sell something.Ipabakal mo kay tang mano ong Cuyo para mapagpaprisio ita ta alawig.Sell the chicken on Cuyo island so we can get a higher price.barakalen1der.nmabakalder.adj

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