daplisvi1Actor: -om-, ma-To glance off something; to "miss the mark".Mas dadaplis tang ged mga ang paggamit to oman ang ged wala.A machete even more so misses its mark if the person using it is right-handed but the machete is left-handed.Ganing pe-peteno rin tang kawayan, nadaplis tang ged ang aggamiteno.When I said I would cut the bamboo, the machete I was using glanced off it.anttama2 12Undergoer/Goal: ma--anFor something to be grazed by something missing its mark, or just glancing off; to experience a flesh wound.Nasibatan tang bisito nongapon mo-ya ngani nadaplisan lamang.My calf was accidentally hit with a machete yesterday, thankfully it was just grazed. ov synlanggit 1

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