riri1viActor/Undergoer: mag- Goal: ma--anFor a seam in clothing to give way and rip because it is too tight; for a zipper or fly to come open on its own; for the vaginal opening to tear during childbirth.Asing to-wado ang panibabaw ong mga rosaso, golping nagriri tang kaliolioto ong may itako.When I bent over weeding my flowers my pants suddenly ripped in the crotch.Way, nagriri ra tang siper tang kalioliot mo!Look, the zipper of your pants has come open! 2vtUndergoer/Goal: -anTo intentionally open up a seam, or put a slit in clothing to make it looser; to cut the posterior vaginal wall during the birthing process, i.e. an episiotomy.Indi magigo tang kalioliot mo, ririan mo ra lamang ong may awa na.Your pants don't fit you, just make a slit in them on the waistband.Asing pagpangana ni Maria rinirian tang teren na tenged indi ra maloa tang mola.When Maria was giving birth her vaginal opening was cut because the baby was not able to come out.

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