tabangtabáng1interjHelp!Tabang! Way gasirok tang balay amen!Help! Look our house is burning!2ntulongHelp; assistance; financial help; donation; contribution.Gaeyakong mama-dol ta tabang ong nandia.I am shy to ask help from her.3vtActor: -om-, mag-, maN-, magpa- Undergoer: -an, ma--anTo help another person with a task, or by giving financial assistance; to help, enable someone to do something; to ask for someone's help; to come to someone's aid; to take someone's side in an argument.Tabangay ka ang magekel ta nani doro kabelat.Please help me carry this, it is very heavy.Sinabangan ami nandia ang nagtakan tang karga amen.He helped us in carrying our baggage.Balampa tabangan amo tang Dios ang mangaboi ta mato-lid ong pama-dek na.Hopefully God will enable you to live righteously in his sight.Pasinsia, anda kay matabangano ong nio mandian.Forgive me, I have nothing to give you as financial help at this time.Magpatabanga ong logod mo ang manalpo.Have your sister help you do the laundry.Kada magsoayan tang maglogod, ang tambilog pirming pagpatabang ong nanay na.Every time the two siblings fight, the one is always having his mother come to his aid. Ang Dios panabang ong yaten. Mga maning don, sinopa enged tang mapangontra ong yaten?God is the one who takes our side. If it's like that, who can be against us?Asing agbogbogon tang katawa na anda enged ay nangas ang manabang ong nandia.When she was being beat up by her husband no one had the courage to come to her aid. ov syntabiang 14vtActor: Reduplication: magtalalabangan Undergoer: pl. talalabanganFor people to help each other with something; for two or more people to gang up on another person.Tinalalabangan ka tanandiang sinampaling tang mga goardia.The guards ganged up on him and slapped him (literally, they helped each other slap him).rel wdbe-ket 1boliog 1katabang2der.manigtabangder.nmasinabangen2der.npakinabang2der.adjAnda ray pakinabang ong matao, indio ra maita.My eyes have no usefulness anymore, I can no longer see.

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