ebes1<Not Sure>1.1adjTo lack or have less of something than someone else; to have a lower standing or position.Ebesa ka enged ta kinata-wanan ong barkada mo.Your knowledge really is less than your friends.Ebeso ka enged ta manggad ong mga logodo, tenged indio napagadal.My wealth is really less than my siblings because I wasn't able to study.antkoronado2adj2.1viTo lower or humble oneself; to show deference; to give way in an argument or fight.Mga indi ita matakong magpaebes ong mga logod ta, madali itang mamagsoayan.If we don't know how to give way to our siblings, we will easily fight one another.antambog 1palawiglawigmapinaebesen1der.adj

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