soko1viActor: -om-sukoTo surrender; to give up in a fight or game; to submit to someone's authority, discipline.Sobra rang talak mo, somokoa ra ong mga polis para indi madolangan tang kasalanan mo.You've already done so much wrong, surrender to the police so you won't add to your crimes.Ang ribildi siminoko ra ong mga polis, tenged "shoot to kill" da tanandia.The rebel has already surrendered to the police, because they were instructed to "shoot to kill" him.Ita, mga ana ita lamang, animan mga onopay kasalanan ta ong mga ginikanan ta, somoko ita ka enged ong nira.As for us, we are just children, therefore whatever our sin is to our parents, we should indeed submit to them (i.e. to their discipline).rel wdampo2 1taliod 12vtUndergoer: pa--onTo question a person in order to cause him to give in, surrender, and tell the truth, or to not repeat the offense again; to cause or force a person to surrender; to subdue a person.Ang mola ay pasokon mo mga moman pang manakaw obin indi ra.Question the boy as to whether he will steal again or not.rel wdsigam

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