bolontad1nContribution; donation; offering.ov syndonasion2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo give contributions or offerings in the form of money or in kind; to voluntarily give something, including one's life, for a purpose.Ang asosasion tang mga babay ong Abagat ay namagbolontad ta koarta para ong kandidata nira.The women's association of barangay Abagat contributed money for their candidate.Ang sobri ang nani, bolontadan mo kay maski ge-ley lamang.This small envelope, put a contribution in it even if it is just a little.Pirapay ibolontad ta ong nandia?How much will we contribute to her?Binolontad ni Cristo tang kaboi na para ong yaten. Ig dapat ang ibolontad ta ka tang mga kaboi ta para ong mga logod ta.Christ gave his life for us. And we should also give our lives for our siblings.ov synaladalaysagdasanag 13advbolontad ong nemVoluntarily.Mga magtorol ita dapat bolontad ong nem. If we give something it should be voluntarily. manigbolontadder.nparagbolontadan1der.n

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