tepedvtUndergoer: -enTo give or assign an equal amount of something.Tay sia, indi si ka tineped mo tang sindolan mo ta kindi, mamagsoayan si.Look, once again you weren't equal with those you gave candy to, so now they will quarrel again.Mga magtorola ta koarta ong mga ana mo, teped-tepeden mo para indi mamagkimonan.If you give money to your children, give them equal amounts so that they will not be envious.Mga may ornal ong barangay, agteped-tepeden tang kada balay ang agpaobraen.When the roads are cleared in the barangay, each house is given an equal area to work on.antbigbigdegdeg 1kamped 1kamped 2lipi-lipi 1te-tep

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