panti111.1nA large fishing net made of nylon (monofilament) line.Gatakong mamobol ta panti. I know how to repair a large nylon fishing net. 1.2vi., vtTo fish with this type of net; to catch fish in this type of net. (The net is set out in the water and then the fisherman returns to it later to gather his catch.)Magpanti ita malagat-lagat tenged anday tera amen.Let's go fishing using a large net later on because we have no viand.Don pamamanti tang mga taw ong Cambian mga mapalet tang abagat.People fish with large nets out from the Cambian [beach] when the southeast wind is blowing hard.Dorong pinantian amen ang bilan toga ong Tabilan.We caught a lot of bilan fish in our large net out from the Tabilan [beach].rel. wrd.bitana 1.1ilaw2 1.1ilaw2 1.1sarap 1.2tapil 1.1tolok1 1.2rel. wrd.alipot 1.1banata 1.1kigir 1.1lamba 1.1lambat 1lambat 1.1lampak 3.2pamo 1.1sarap 1sarap 1parantiender.nYadi pang parantien ong Linabog?Are there still a lot of fish that can be caught with a panti net near Linabog [island]?

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